The best marijuana strains for indoor and outdoor growing

Many scientists have long since proven the beneficial properties of marijuana, its effectiveness in the treatment of diseases such as epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and others. Therefore, today it is no longer new to meet a couple of bushes of this medicinal plant on the windowsill of a house or in a garden among the bushes. Use the best trim trays.

As elsewhere, there are elite marijuana varieties and simpler types of it. The sheer genetic and geographic diversity in which marijuana strains are on the market today can put you in an extremely difficult position to make a choice. Therefore, we will consider with you the main varieties of marijuana, their varieties and differences.

What kind of marijuana to choose and what are its varieties

Today, the best marijuana variety is usually derived from genetic material. It also has its own differences in the variety of choices. Thus, one of the most widespread and strong varieties of marijuana in medicine is the AK-47 variety , which combines Colombian, Thai and Mexican steve, as well as Afghan indica. AK 47 is the strongest marijuana strain and is especially popular today.

Not all varieties of marijuana are suitable for planting at home or outdoors. So, you can find varieties that serve as the basis for breeding. The best marijuana strains for breeding are White Widow or Skunk… They are ideal for crossbreeding due to their pure stem. Plants that are bred on the basis of better marijuana are more resistant to environmental negative factors, grow more fertile and are easier to cultivate.

Cannabis is divided into 2 types, differing in phenotype

Indica. The phenotype is low marijuana varieties that are most commonly sourced from India and Afghanistan. The main feature of Indica is to stimulate appetite, eliminate insomnia and mildly calm the nervous system. The strongest low varieties of marijuana can even relieve pain syndromes.

Sativa. This species is an outdoor marijuana variety that is primarily found in humid tropical areas. Sativa is able to stimulate mental and physical tone, to induce a state of euphoria. Some individuals may develop panic and anxiety from eating sativa.
Note that varietal cannabis is also divided into autoflowering marijuana and photoperiodic varieties. The first varieties do not grow in the wild and bloom when they reach a certain age. But in the second species, the transition from vegetation to flowering depends on the length of daylight hours.

The best varieties of marijuana for outdoor use

There are many articles on the rules for growing marijuana, but few write about which varieties are optimal for growing outdoors and which ones are optimal at home. When choosing a marijuana variety, a photo of its fruit will play an important role. Therefore, you can study them in advance on the Internet and compare what you see with what the seller offers you.
We bring you the best outdoor marijuana varieties that are currently on the TOP list:

Pablo Escobar. Type resistant to local growing conditions.

Jamaica Sativa. Differs in high productivity. Has a delayed effect.

Divine Indica. It is considered an exquisite view, pleasantly relaxing and leading to a state of mild euphoria.

Auto Big Bang.The best outdoor marijuana varieties that bloom quickly, smell good, and produce high yielding results.

Auto Gagarin. The option of choice for thrill-seekers.

You can always find simpler varieties, but no one can guarantee their positive and really high effect, as from the list above.

Marijuana varieties for growing at home

If you are interested in the question of which variety of marijuana is better to grow at home, the easiest way is to use autoflowering varieties. They bloom within 2-4 weeks, grow quickly and give a good harvest. 
Top cannabis varieties for growing at home include:

Sweet Skunk Automatic.A hybrid variety that will take 7 weeks to bear fruit. Has a long lasting taste, pleasant smell and relaxing smoke.

Royal Cheese Automatic. Unique due to the persistent smell of cheese. You will need to wait 10 weeks to harvest.

Royal Critical Automatic. In 9 weeks, you can get up to 80 grams of the crop in the form of dense buds.

White Widow Automatic. The period of growth and maturation is 75 days. Has a sweet and sour smell and taste.

Royal Jack Automatic. 10 weeks after planting, each plant can give you up to 70 grams of yield. Has a small stature. The view is both invigorating and creative. The taste of the smoke is soft and fresh.

Don’t hesitate as to what kind of marijuana is best to grow at home with this list at hand. With it, you are guaranteed to get a good harvest and be able to delight yourself with top quality marijuana.

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