Relieve Mosquito Bit With Household Items

Getting rid of a mosquito bit is quite a big challenge. This is simply because mosquitoes are everywhere. At home, you can find household items that can relieve itching in an instant. You can simply rub a bar of soap over the itchy part. Others would even use a scotch tape in order to relieve the stress. You can also dub a rubbing alcohol or a small amount of ammonia on the bite then stick a piece of tape on it. Using a hot water is also an alternative. You can take a hot shower and then apply hot compress. Another alternative is an ice cube or an ice pack.

When you can experience mosquito bit, you can apply the following dabbers: honey, mouth wash, vinegar, toothpaste, strong tea mixed with a rubbing alcohol, nail polish, tea, ammonia, bleach, rubbing alcohol and underarm deodorant.

Remember that insects are all around the corner. They can be anywhere carrying those dreaded diseases. Apart from the household items mentioned, you can also use the following: baking soda and water, meat tenderizer and water, salt and water, Epsom salt and water, tums tablets and aspirin. Mosquito repellent also come in commercial products such as lotion, creams and applications such as calamine lotion, Benadryl cream, orajel, anbesol, caladryl, vicks vaporub, lucas papaw ointment, tiger balm, bag balm, gold bond mediated cream and Mylanta.

You may not know it but essential oils are also effective for mosquito bit. You can apply trea oil, lavender oil, witch hazel and cedar oil on infected area. Also, fresh fruits can be applied directly to the infected area. You can apply lemon juice, lemon slice, lime juice, lime slice and banana peels. If the remedy didn’t take effect immediately, you don’t have to worry. At times, it takes several applications for you to see the effects.

You don’t necessarily have to look far for mosquito bite remedies. You can utilize a banana peel for you to treat your mosquito bite. First, you have to peel a banana. Next, you have to rub the inside part of the skin on the infected area. More often than not, itching will stop almost immediately. As such, you will eventually forget that you had that insect bite. You will eventually notice that the swelling will decrease in about 5 to 15 minutes. Roughly after 30 minutes, your skin will be back to its normal condition. After your skin has been back to its normal state, you can now wash the infected area roughly after 90 minutes. After washing the infected area, you can put a hand sanitizer on it.

In order to relieve that mosquito bit, you can use some salt. It is considered to be the fastest way to relieve itching. Another household item you can use to alleviate itching is toothpaste. You can simply dab a small amount of toothpaste on the infected area. This should cause relief to itching very quickly. You can try applying Peppermint toothpaste that will surely relieve itching in an instant.

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