Dengue, a mosquito-borne infection, has become a serious worldwide health concern in recent years. Pronounced “DENG-ghee,” it’s found primarily in tropical and sub-tropical regions; but unlike malaria, it clusters in urban and semi-urban areas. A potentially fatal complication of dengue called dengue hemorrhagic fever, or DHF, was first reported inContinue Reading

So, there are these two mosquitoes in Texas, and they’re arguing over a guy they just killed. One thinks they should drain him of blood right where he lays. The other recommends picking him up and flying him inside his house before sucking him dry. The first mosquito asks why.Continue Reading

It should come as no surprise to anyone to read there are lots of mosquitoes flying around. We tend to think of all mosquitoes as identical, but that’s far from true. While the mosquito’s basic body design has remained the same since the age of the dinosaur, the insect hasContinue Reading

OK, that’s not really what mosquito mating entails. Actually, as with most insects, mating in mosquitoes can be divided into four general stages. Locating and Recognizing Mates In some mosquito species, the males emerge from the pupa first and are available to mate with females as soon as they emerge.Continue Reading