Gardening in Greenhouses

Gardening in a greenhouse allows you to control growing conditions such as temperature, water, soil erosion and more. Many people actually prefer to have their entire garden inside a greenhouse, because the environment is much more controlled and because it allows them to tend their gardens all year round.

Greenhouses are simply structures of varying sizes which are designed specifically for growing plants. They’re often designed with many windows, or using side and roof materials which are primarily see through (such as plastic, fiberglass, or regular glass) so that plenty of sun is able to continuously pour in throughout the day.

Greenhouses can have heating and cooling systems installed, so that the temperature is kept even all year round. This allows plants of any type to be grown at will, despite what the weather outside might be like.

Greenhouses also tend to have a dedicated water system installed, which will constantly irrigate or sprinkle the growing plants and ensure they maintain even water levels at all times.

Greenhouses can be built from scratch using your own designs, or you can purchase building plans and supplies to build them from instead. Greenhouse kits can also be purchased though, and these usually include all materials and instructions needed for creating your very own greenhouse.

The size of greenhouse you build or buy is completely up to you, however many gardeners often wish they had more space available in their existing greenhouse. So try to build or buy one as big as you can afford, and as big as your existing space will allow.

Be sure to research the various design options available before getting started on your own greenhouse too. You can for instance, build a greenhouse or buy a kit which is designed to use solar power for heating the greenhouse. In other words, instead of installing a heating system in your greenhouse, you would use the existing power of the sun for keeping the greenhouse from getting too cold in the winter. This is much more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, but it does require some specialized planning and design to put into place.

If you buy a greenhouse kit, you’ll be able to select from a wide variety of sizes, styles, and designs. Some for instance, are designed to be attached to an existing building such as your house. This would be excellent for creating an herb garden off your kitchen, and depending on how the kit is designed you might even be able to use that herb garden as your morning sun room or patio too.

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